If only Bush hadn't given up the Booze


Some interesting facts are revealed on the White House Wine Quiz at www.wineteasers.com.

Lyndon Johnson started the traditon of serving only American wines at the White House. Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon, who enjoyed French Wines, followed suit reluctantly, even sipping French wines from napkin-covered bottles to hide their labels. Jimmy Carter was adamant that only U.S. wines would be served in the White House, and since then all presidents have followed suit.

Thomas Jefferson was the first man to plant the Vine in Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson, a true wine lover, built cellars 16 feet deep underneath the White House and purchased more than 20,000 bottles of European wine during his eight years in office. He even built hidden dumbwaiters so that he could serve wine without assistance from staff. The White House no longer stocks a wine cellar, instead keeping just enough wines on hand for upcoming events.

Although Jimmy Carter banned the use of hard liquor during his term in the White House, he and his wife, Rosalyn, enjoyed serving wine at state dinners. Today, Carter, who learned wine making from his father, counts wine making as one of his hobbies. His private-label wines sell for up to $4,000 per bottle at auctions.

George W. Bush made the following statement during a 2007 interview with ABC news following a media briefing on teen drug abuse.

“I wouldn’t be standing here if I hadn’t quit drinking whiskey, beer, wine…”

During the briefing, he reached out to a young girl with a drug addiction by talking about his struggles with alcohol. Bush revealed that he had quit drinking alcohol, cold turkey, in 1986, when he realized it was interfering with his family life.  If only he hadn’t.

And finally….

Pity the poor winemaker from Chile who produces the Palin Syrah. Pronounced pay-LEEN, the $13 organic wine has apparently been adopted by Republicans, with the exception of Colin Powell no doubt.   

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