Tesco is the Anti-Christ. It's official.

Oh dear. Tesco, Tesco, Tesco.  What do you think that Terry Leahy drinks at home? Not this rubbish, that’s for sure.
Tesco has unveiled a range of budget wines, packaged in one-litre Tetra Paks and priced at £2.89.
The three-strong range, which includes a red, a white and a rosé, has been sourced from from Spanish producer Felix Solis Avantis.    

Tesco says it has launched the range to “support customer’s needs” in a rapidly changing market. But the introduction of the range also echoes the supermarket giant’s commitment to reduce its packaging waste by 25% by 2010.

Wine category manager, Andrew Carpenter, said: “The market has changed rapidly over the past 12 months, and we have responded quickly and effectively to these conditions to support our customers’ needs.

“While our average bottle spend is still over £4, an increasing number of customers are forced to limit their spend. Rather than lose them from the category entirely, we have responded with a stronger value offering.”

The range is on sale now. I urge you to avoid at all costs.

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