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Jacobs Creek Confirm Why We Shouldn't be Drinking Their Wine

An example of one of those depressing articles that you occasionally read in the Wine Press.  Read and weep as JC’s lazy marketeers deliver phrases such as “We are excited about this opportunity to engage with our target audience…blah, blah blah”.  The JC marketing guys really are the Spinal Tap of Wine, but at least […]

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6 Wines, 7 Courses and a Dragon Tale in a Sussex Barn

I’ve just about recovered enough to pen some thoughts on an extraordinary Thursday evening of fine wine and dining. The venue was a converted farm in deepest Sussex and the occasion was an event hosted by Red Anywhere, a new catering concept by Masterchef Dan Clarke.   It was an evening I’d been looking forward […]

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Voting Irregularities as Obama gets set to declare "It's the Economy Stupid"

Here we go again! Voting irregularities, electors facing poll closures before they can mark their “X” and electronic machines short-circuiting due to rain storms. God Bless America, it makes you long for the hanging chad. Obama or McCain is the choice that faces the voters in the bankrupt superpower across the Atlantic and we Brits […]

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Drink Youself to Oblivion, the Death Metal Way!

Drinking and health – you pays your money and you takes your choice. This week, we’re all gonna die. Heavy metals in wine could pose potential health problems to regular drinkers, claims a scientific report published today. The report, which appeared in the online journal Chemistry Central, claims that a daily 250ml glass of red […]

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Plug Your Wine Bottle into Your PC!

Chateau Pontet Canet is now available in USB format. The official spiel would have you believe the following – If you are a wine lover, this USB stick might come in handy. It has a storage capacity of 1 GB and contains Open Cellar, a wine management software. You can get it for 35 Euros. Software […]

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