Decanter Magazine + Minimum Wage Glass Cleaners = Worst Use of Online Video Ever Seen


This video is entitled “Behind the scenes at the Decanter Fine Wine Encounter 2008” and it’s a real joy to behold – in the sense that it is utterly awful.

The video opens with a shot of the hired help polishing glasses in a kitchen whilst our hapless (personality free) narrator asks one of the poor buggers to hold up the glass so he can give profound commentary along the lines of “What we have here is a Reidel glass”.

We then get some extraordinary “fly on the wall” footage of unfunny people pretending the camera isn’t there followed by some Champagne quaffing toffs to provide a beautiful juxtaposition with our opening shot of minimum wage glass cleaners.


And if you like this then how about some footage of Tim Stanley-Clarke (in what looks like Holloway Prison) decanting Port.


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