Claudia Schiffers Breast Identified as the Ideal Vessel for Champagne


The breast Dom Perignon can offer

Dom Pérignon have paid “tribute” to Claudia Schiffer’s bosom in the form of a breast shaped bowl. Yes, folks, the “boob-bowl” is the latest creation by German designer Karl Lagerfeld and apparently it’s supposed to be a modern version of the bowl from a dining service made especially for Queen Marie Antoinette back in 1787.

According to legend, the original bowl was the exact size of one of cake loving Marie’s breasts (not sure which one). In turn, it is said the bowl was used to model the well-known coupe-shaped Champagne glass. This of course makes one wonder what the modern day flute is modelled on. Lagerfeld’s intepretation rests upon a stand comprising three porcelain replicas of Dom Pérignon and a platter bearing the signatures of the designer and his favourite top model.

The creation is to be sold along with a bottle of 1995 Dom Pérignon Oenothèque, at a mere $3,150 a go. What a cheery tale for these austere times. It’s good to know the rich continue to pursue their own vanity trips while global capitalism continues it’s inexorable decline.

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