Grow Your Own Wine Rack!



If you plant it, it will grow...

It’s approaching the end of January, and in gardening terms the month allocated for planning is nearly over. Top of my planning priorities for the small plot of North London land that we call our garden, is the “grow your own wine rack kit”.


Marketers like to call these sorts of products “innovative” and “exciting” but I prefer to call them plain silly – and that’s the way I like them.

Created by artist and designer Lois Walpole after four years(!) of research, this kit is part of a collection developed at Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew that focuses on “the growing of functional wooden domestic products out of willow”.

The wine rack is made by tethering together 22 lengths of willow and they claim that it’s easy to grow. Apparently it takes two to three years before the growing willow grafts together and it can be harvested and brought indoors, to hold up to 10 bottles.

I’m not sure about the grandiose claim that it’s “an excellent way to encourage local biodiversity” but I’ll give it a go anyway.

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