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Meet Scott and Lisa. Their mission is about “motorcycling, making wine & making a difference.”

I’ll let them tell you their own story:

It’s simple, really.  We love wine and we love motorcycles.   My wife & I were both born and raised in Sonoma County – 4th generation.  I have spent nearly 25 years working in the wine industry… we had recently been down to River Run down in Laughlin and were later attending Bikefest in LV – and as we looked around, we noticed that while most attendees were drinking – no one had yet recognized the connection between ‘Fine Wines’ and the ‘Affluent Harley / Motorcycle Enthusiast.’

Over dinner we were trying to figure out a way to do what we really enjoyed – riding motorcycles – and enjoying fine wines. We started throwing out ideas & the name V-Twin Zin was born. We soon moved back to Sonoma County and went to work in getting our licenses and permits in place to begin making wine.  Our first release was our 2004 V-Twin Zin from the prestigious Dry Creek Valley in Healdsburg.  We launched in March of 2007 and our first vintage sold-out in 60 days. My suspicions were confirmed!  Every Harley owner that I know has spent $40 – 60,000 + on their ride – and they all enjoy well-made wines.

For the last few years we have been doing custom crushing and blending at a local winery.  We have recently secured our own Bonded Winery location in the Dry Creek Valley. We are still looking for the perfect spot to open our Tasting Room.  Our goal is to create a location where both wine and motorcycle lovers can enjoy great wines in a casual setting – without all the usual pomp and pretense.

A full 10% of our first release went to auctions and charitable causes such as the various Breast Cancer associations, MDA, Children’s Hospitals, BACA, March of Dimes, and numerous local and individual fundraisers that are hosted by local motorcycle support groups.  At the major rides & rallies – we have the top bike builders from across the country autograph individual bottles to be used for fundraising purposes.  We have had individual bottles auction off between $200 to $3,000.00 to raise funds for the numerous charities that we support.  With your support we can continue to grow and continue to make a difference.”


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