Bidding War Over Hitler's Red Wine



An odd story from the BBC. Is it rarity value that has collectors bidding five times the expected value or is there something more sinister we should know about?! And wow, what a label


An aggressive little number, unhinged and lacking balance

An aggressive little number, unhinged and lacking balance

A rare bottle of Nazi wine dating back to World War II has sold for nearly £4,000 at an auction in Devon. 

The bottle of red Fuhrerwein, thought to be from a collection given to Adolf Hitler’s senior officers, has a picture of the dictator on the label.

The lot was expected to fetch about £800, but went for £3,995 at Plymouth Auction Rooms.

The wine is undrinkable because of its age. The successful bid came from an unnamed English collector on the phone.

The 1943 bottle had attracted worldwide interest and bidding on Saturday was described as “vigorous”.

“I have never seen or heard about anything like this in my 20 years [in the business],” auctioneer Paul Keen said before the sale.

“Not only is it unusual, it is also extremely rare to find.

“We understand these bottles were given out to Hitler’s top-ranking officers on his birthday.”

The bottle of wine was previously owned by a person from Ivybridge in Devon, after it was discovered by a friend in France.

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