Who Would Store Beaujolais Nouveau in a $35,000 Wine Vault?


$35,000!? And here's me thinking there's a world recession goin' on

This is a Wine Vault. A $35,000 Wine Vault to be precise.  

Looking like a prop straight out of Ocean’s 11, the manufacturer describes this as a “must for luxury homes”.

The stainless steel monolith features a Cellar Management System accessed through a flat screen display.  

But the best thing about this contraption is the following description at the heart of the companies press release:

The new GE Monogram Wine Vault is designed for the consumer who waits anxiously each November for the Beaujolais Nouveau to arrive, who knows a Syrah from a Pinot Noir or who simply wants the perfect addition to a luxury home.

Whoaaaa there horsey!!! At which point is a wine collector going to store Beaujolais Nouveau in a Wine Vault!! What next? Blue Nun? Black fugging Tower?!

The press release gives the game away. For people who know the value of nothing and the price of everything. And what exactly is a “luxury home”?

Oh, and it has Bar code labeling to assist with locating wine and removing it from inventory. Which is actually pretty cool. Maybe I’ll put a deposit down after all.


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