Harvesting in the Nude, Just Watch out for the Ducks…


I’ve long despaired at the cliche sodden universe of wine brand advertising offered to us by (mainly) New World behemoth producers. The Wines are too often pimped in poorly staged lifestyle scenario’s that so few of us actually relate to (just see anything by Jacobs Creek).

So, when I came across the “Au Naturel” campaign for Avondale Wine I was a little surprised to see firstly, three naked arses, and secondly, a wine ad with a sense of humour.

As organic growers, they may claim that the campaign represents a “back to nature” approach but to be honest, I’m mainly pre-occupied with which bare bottom those ducks are heading for. 

Clearly the dark haired woman is favourite for a good pecking, but once they get round the front they may feel that the short haired fella has some interesting bait. The lady on the left however has obviously seen the threat coming and has decided to have a look for Moses in the reeds.

A puerile response I know.


"They're behind you!!" "Oh no they aren't!"


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