"I Drove My Tractor Through Your Vineyard Last Night"



I am a Bacchus Drinker, Oh arr oh arr aay, Oh arr oh arr aay...

I am a Bacchus Drinker, Oh arr oh arr aay, Oh arr oh arr aay...

Cornish vineyard Camel Valley became the only English Vineyard to win a gold medal at the recent International Wine Challenge. Yes you’ve read it right – Vineyard in Cornwall Wins Award.


Being a West Country boy, my youth was spent supping various eyesight destroying pints of Cider. Autumn Gold, Woodpecker, Scrumpy Jack (with a shot of black-current) were my poisons.  Nostalgia has me recall barmy summer evenings of barn dancing to The Wurzels and a rollin’ in the hayloft with Rosie “Buxom” Butterball. 

But now Cornwall has decided to cater for the more sophisticated palatte.  The award winning tipple is the Bacchus White Wine and although Bacchus is not a grape variety known for producing great wine, it seems to have found a natural home among the slow-ripening conditions of south-west England. 

The success is also a testament to the efforts of Bob and Sam Lindo. the father-and-son team that run the 20 year old vineyard near Bodmin.  With the help of five other workers, the team produces 100,000 bottles each year and is a real hands-on operation, right down to the bottling of the wine.

Described by the Times as “England’s Answer to Sancerre”, you can buy the award winner direct from the Camel Valley website. They’ve been fairly upfront about the fact they’ve added a £1 to the price of the wine in an attempt to conserve stocks. And while this makes for a fairly pricey £12.95 a bottle, this particular West Country boy feels it’s an enterprise worth supporting

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