Victoria Moore’s Golden Rules for Supermarket Wine


It's wine Jim but not as we know it...

Victoria Moore starts the New Year with a cracking article in The Guardian entitled “Wine: Five Golden Rules for the Supermarket”.

Here’s Victoria’s five with an extra one from WOTW for good measure:

) Never risk a bottle with a bird, insect or animal on the label. This will keep you mercifully clear of Yellow Tail cabernet sauvignon, Little Penguin wines and many others.

2) Be wary of bottles bearing the tiny words “Imported by Constellation Europe Ltd” on the back label. Their wines include the execrable Banrock Station, Stowells and the almost always deadly dull and overpriced Hardys.

3) Avoid bottles sold at “half-price” – the lure of such wines is only ever supposed to be their promotion excitement. It’s never good when taste is secondary, or even tertiary.

4) Avoid rioja, chablis and sancerre. A simple tempranillo, white vin de pays or sauvignon de Touraine is likely to prove better value.

5) Avoid ginormous bottles – desperation to impress is best expressed through the wine, not the size of the glass.

and from me:

6) If you can possibly help it, simply don’t buy wine from Supermarkets at all. Support your independent store where you can and if you don’t have a decent one then always choose the Co-Op or Waitrose over Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

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