Booze Belts: The Wild West Wine Bottle Holsters



This weekend is promising to bring the first high(ish) temperatures of the year. And us Brits will seize the opportunity to either rush to a London park for a picnic or dust off the rusty old BBQ for a boozy Sunday afternoon in the garden.

So, whether  you’re a champagne socialist heading to Primrose hill with a bag (recycled) full of Italian meats and East European cheeses, or a Middle England conservative planning a home counties (gas-fuelled) barbecue for your local W.I,  can I recommend that you get yourself this year’s essential wine accessory – The Wine Holster AKA The Booze Belt.

For those of you who are too cool for school, try the stylish “quiver” from  ! Graf & Lantz (see photo left)

How about this for a product description of what they coldly call “wine transport”:

“The Quiver is made of elegant bi-color 3/16” (5mm) thick merino felt and vegetable tanned leather details. The side belts are adjustable to snugly fit standard through Champagne bottle sizes.”

If you’re looking for something a little less subtle, then try the Booze Belt from Judging by the image below this young lady is about to use her fine pair of holsters to embark on a serious session of hardcore liquor consumption. How’s this for another extraordinary product description?:

“The Booze Belt is a unique personal liquor dispensing system! With two holsters for the spirit of your choice, and six molded shot glass chambers for the included shotgun shell shot glasses, you’ll be the undermining law and order (responsibly of course) in no time!”

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