The Real Naked Wines – An Arresting Story

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What's thong with this picture?

The world of wine has been getting its clothes off recently.

From the sublime UK online retailer Naked Wines to the ridiculous U.S. wine vod-cast ‘The Naked Wine Show’, wine drinkers are being assaulted with all kinds of nudity.

Indeed, even artists have jumped aboard the nudewagon, as photographer Spencer Tunik demonstrated with last year’s Greenpeace climate change protest involving a vineyard and a hundred naked bodies picking grapes.

Now it seems that this epidemic has finally reached us, the ‘people’. Last week a woman was arrested in Nevada for trying to buy a bottle of wine while topless (and it should be said, completely intoxicated). Describing her own behavior as “mind-boggling” she now faces charges of indecent exposure, felony drunken driving and burglary.

More disturbing is the tale of the British paramedic who walked into a supermarket in his uniform, picked out some wine but was refused at the checkout as the store has a policy of not serving people in ‘uniform’.

Affronted, the man stormed out to his ambulance, stripped down to his underwear (in this instance a thong and a pair of socks) and marched back into the store declaring ‘I’m not wearing my uniform any more. Will you serve me now?’

It hasn’t been explained why the man was wearing a thong. Urrghh.

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