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Hugh Johnson’s iPhone app reviewed

Hugh Johnson is one of the wine worlds cuddly creatures. He may not be seen too much in the media these days, but he still delivers his hugely successful ‘Pocket Guide to Wine’ each and every year. The ever popular paper version of the Pocket Guide now finds itself reformatted for the iPhone and WineOfTheWeek […]

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A useless date with wine

This week’s pointless wine gadget comes from the website ‘Le Moutin Noir & Co’. It’s a wine bottle stopper with twistable date rings that allows you to keep a track of when you’ve opened your wine. We have a major issue with this. Firstly how bloody long are you expecting to keep an uncorked wine […]

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Kathy Lee Gifford drinks wine out of her bra

An old one but without doubt one of the best. Kathy Lee Gifford performs an extraordinary demonstration of possibly the most bizarre product of all time – a bra that doubles as wine storage. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you “The Wine Rack”. Kathie Lee Gifford Tries “The Wine Rack” – watch more funny videos

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Shock as Gwyneth Paltrow drinks wine is a vacuous waste of webspace. Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress married to a man who makes vacuous music. Today DigitalSpy stated that ‘Gwyneth Paltrow has reportedly revealed that she likes to relax with a glass of wine a few nights a week’. DigitalSpy beleives this to be some kind of extraordinary revelation. Still […]

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Bruegel paints vomiting peasants harvesting grapes

The renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder is best known today for his tranquil winter scenes so when Spain’s Prado Museum discovered a previously unknown work, they were surprised to see a group of peasants throwing up their lunch at a wild grape harvest. The new work was discovered after restoration of another painting that […]

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Theresa May wages irrational war on alcohol consumption

Home Secretary Theresa May played to the gallery at today’s Conservative Party conference by pledging to  “tear up Labour’s disastrous Licensing Act”. As well as confirming her determination to go after below-cost sales of alcohol  she also confirmed plans to give local people more say in licensing issues, to introduce fees for late-night policing, and […]

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MSNBC bloke wakes up to wine on Facebook

This just in from REUTERS. An article by MSNBC wine journo Edward Deitch (check out his blog) states a whole bunch of obvious stuff and backs it up with a bunch of stats from some puffy research. Here’s the article in full: Social media is exploding in the wine business and a new survey illustrates […]

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Michael Buble and Beringer, a match made in hell

Michael Bublé is described as a crooner. Beringer is described as a wine. We’re not sure we beleive either description. Beringer has been named the official wine of Bublé’s upcoming Crazy Love Tour. This is what Bublé has to say about Beringer “I think Beringer and I are a great pairing [Beringer] is a winery that […]

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The government is after our wine!!

Here at WineOfTheWeek we like to keep the red flag flying high. Up until today our commitment to revolution has been limited to our ability to get up from the comfort of our armchair. But now things have changed. Yesterday George “nice but dim’ Osborne punched us in the stomach by announcing he was taking […]

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Chateau Mini Clubman. It’s a car. And a Chateau.

Selling my Mini Cooper S remains one of my few regrets in life. It was a super little electric blue bundle of unbridled energy. It became costly to run and maintain and it had to go. I miss it dearly. So, when I saw pictures of the ‘Chateau Mini’ my pulse starting racing. These cars […]

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