Bottle of wine sells for $304,375 at Christies. Gulp!


We live in crazy times. We really do. Forget the age of austerity, Forget the imminent collapse of western free market democracy.

We live in a world where someone is prepared to pay $304,375 for a bottle of wine. If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage this month please look away now.

The 1947 vintage of Cheval Blanc was sold at Christies auction house today and a crack in the space time continuum opened up as a result. The imperial sized bottle (the equivalent of 8 standard bottles) was purchased by anonymous buyer and according to Christie’s wine specialist Michael Ganne :

This wine is undoubtedly one of the greatest Bordeaux of all times, not only because of its rare quality but also due to its extensive life span, as it could still be kept and enjoyed 50 years from now with no problem at all.

Apparently it took Christie’s two years to convince the owner to put the 1947 Cheval Blanc up for sale and clearly both seller and Christies will be counting the greenbacks tonight.

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