Who Madoff with all the wine? Bernie did!!

the fonz

I said Ponzi not Fonzi!!!

Bernie Madoff is a crook who made off with billions of dollars from charities, banks, actors, media moguls and so called financial guru’s.

Last week his wine and spirits collection was auctioned off for $41,530, with all proceeds going to a support fund for those he conned out of money.

There were 59 lots in the auction of which the highlight was a case of 1996 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild that sold for $6,800.

However other items included small bottles of ‘mini-bar’ wine which prompted the auction company to provide this priceless announcement:

As artefacts of history they are unique, which is why we have chosen to offer all of the bottles seized, including those which normally wouldn’t pass muster and make it into our auction.

‘Some of the bottles are better viewed as conversation pieces rather than valued for their contents, but conversation pieces they are.

Quite. Bernie is due for release from prison on November 14, 2139.

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