When Fashion and Wine Collide…


Château-Rauzan-Segla-2009Wineoftheweek found itself with some time to kill at Harvey Nichols today and, as all self-respecting oenophiles know,  time is best dealt a mortal blow with a visit to a wine shop.

As befits a purveyor of all things luxurious, the Harvey Nichols wine shop has a truly awesome range of top labels crammed into a janitors office sized section of the Knightsbridge store.

The most eye-catching of these labels is the Château Rauzan-Ségla Margaux 2009 designed by extra-terrestrial fashion icon Karl “I’m very down to earth, just not this earth’ Lagerfeld.

Weighing in at hefty £160 the label was designed by Lagerfeld to mark the 350th anniversary of  Rauzan-Ségla. Formed in 1661 by Pierre de Rauzan in the heart of the Margauz appellation, the Chateau was acquired by Uber-Fashion house Chanel in 1994. I guess if you are going to give your crayons to anyone, it might as well be your creative director.

Harvey Nichols has been the exclusive retailer of this Karl “Outside of fashion, jewellery, perfume and wine, France isn’t competitive” Lagerfeld creation and WineOfTheWeek will be using all its (limited) influence to secure a bottle for Christmas drinking.*

* WineOfTheWeek is engaged in covert operations with the Harvey Nichols online team at the moment so the rules of full disclosure are in play here!


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