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Professor Richard Wiseman proves wine drinkers are an ignorant bunch

Professor Richard Wiseman, author of Quirkology and other popular science books that expose the frailities of human perception, has lead a study to show wine drinkers can’t distinguish cheap wine from expensive. The experiment, at the Edinburgh Science Festival, challenged 578 members of the public to distinguish between the good stuff and £5 bottles for […]

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The wine thieves of Westminster still at large

Beware if you are in the pub and spill the pint of Tom Docherty, the Labour MP. He may not take too kindly to it and, possibly, have you imprisoned under anti-terrorism laws. Feeling dirty and degraded already, WineOfTheWeek continues its trawl through the pages of The Sunday Mail to bring you all the news […]

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Fake Jacobs Creek: Could you spot the difference?

Staying with the communist block, we follow up our recent story of the Chinese being duped by fake wines, to the Chinese doing the duping. The Sunday Mail, never one to miss the dastardly deeds of J. Foreigner, reports on fake Chinese bottles of Jacob’s Creek lining the shelves of Britain’s off-licences, selling at the […]

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Super wine

The average drinker may find a glass of vino relaxing and finds that it slows things down to a mellow pace, but this isn’t the case for your average bit of superconducting material. Scientists experimenting with immersing superconductors in liquids to see how this affects their superconductivity started their trials with water and ethanol and […]

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Alcohol more harmful than heroin shocker!

Every now and then a report comes out highlighting that alcohol is a) a drug, and b) quite a powerful one. Professor David Nutt, formerly the drug advisor to the Labour government who was sacked for his unpalatable views, has reiterated his stance that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than LSD and ecstasy. And […]

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May I bring Sir the iPad?

Throw out your wine menus and roll in the iPads is the message coming from a recent article in the New York Times. Interviewing a number of restaurateurs who have been experimenting with transferring their traditional wine menus to the digital platform, the paper claims the device has lead to a 10% rise in wine […]

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The secrets of the Foreign Office wine cellar

William Hague doesn’t seem keen to be involved in the rest of the government’s belt tightening exercises. First he was adamant that the country’s international embassy network should be exempt from cost-saving scrutiny. Now his department is playing mum over the contents of their wine cellar. The total cost has been revealed as £864,000, but […]

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Vending machines pending in Pennsylvania

It’s the Japanese who blazed a trail for selling anything and everything from vending machines, but the Americans are catching up. Pennsylvania has gone hi-tech to keep it’s tough controls on selling alcohol, whilst allowing non state-owned supermarkets to sell it for the first time. To get hold of your favorite tipple you need to […]

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