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Booze Belts: The Wild West Wine Bottle Holsters

Tweet This weekend is promising to bring the first high(ish) temperatures of the year. And us Brits will seize the opportunity to either rush to a London park for a picnic or dust off the rusty old BBQ for a boozy Sunday afternoon in the garden. So, whether  you’re a champagne socialist heading to Primrose […]

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World of WineCraft: Let Battle Commence

Tweet When I first moved in with my present wife  four years ago, I decided to sell my PS2 and give up a life of gaming. I didn’t see this as a sacrifice, and it certainly wasn’t an act of submission to the impending life of servitude. No. Gaming for me had run its natural […]

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Ever Soaked Your Ears in a Bowl of Wine? Give This a Try

Tweet Every now and then I come across a wine gadget or innovation that sings to me like a nightingale. The Whiner and Diner feeder is one such creation. Made out of old wine crates from European and Californian vineyards, the feeders house a couple of removable steel bowls. One for white one for red? […]

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The $30,000 Corkscrew? You Gotta Be Kidding Me?

Tweet Every now and then you come across something so utterly preposterous that it almost defies belief. And so it is with the $30,000 Corkscrew from Svied. Remind me, there’s a recession on right? It may have an 18 carat gold fingertip lever, but take a look at this video. Personally, I would have lost the […]

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Who Would Store Beaujolais Nouveau in a $35,000 Wine Vault?

Tweet This is a Wine Vault. A $35,000 Wine Vault to be precise.   Looking like a prop straight out of Ocean’s 11, the manufacturer describes this as a “must for luxury homes”. The stainless steel monolith features a Cellar Management System accessed through a flat screen display.   But the best thing about this contraption is […]

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My Decanter Is Full of Holes! Don't You Just Hate It When That Happens?

Tweet There are some pointless inventions that, despite their utter pointlessness, are technically astounding or creatively beguiling. The “watering can” decanter is not one of these. Take a look at the picture opposite and answer me me honestly, “Why?” This ‘RainMan’ decanter  is supposed to provide a curious way to aerate your wine. A number […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present The Gravity Defying Wine Bottle

Tweet   I have to confess that I’m a sucker for pointless gadgets.  Not even the impending collapse of Western Capitalism could stop me whipping out the credit card on this one.   This has got “Amaze your guests with gravity defying wine bottle stand” written all over it but I fear it’ll end up […]

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Wine Vending Machines for "America's Finest Homes"

Tweet      For this blogger, much of the joy of wine relates to the rituals associated with the serving of this most precious of liquids. So when I recently came across The Skybar Wine Preservation and Optimization System I felt a tad discombobulated. I’m still (metaphorically) scratching my head as I write this post. […]

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Japanese Turn Wine Into Music…

Tweet   Sometimes there’s nothing quite like the accompanying sound of sweet soul when sipping a glass of smooth Rioja with the woman you love. And occasionally a full throttled Californian Zinfandel cries out for the irregular beats of space-rock infused jazz-yap techno slam.  So, if your love of wine has progressed from an obsession […]

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Grow Your Own Wine Rack!

Tweet   It’s approaching the end of January, and in gardening terms the month allocated for planning is nearly over. Top of my planning priorities for the small plot of North London land that we call our garden, is the “grow your own wine rack kit”.   Marketers like to call these sorts of products […]

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