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‘Exploding Wine Box’ Revealed as a Fake

Tweet So, it turns out that the “box of wine in a microwave” is a fake. Bummer. Still at least we now get an introduction to ‘Microwave specialist’ Jory Caron, from the hit YouTube Series, “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?”.  Here he displays a CSI like determination to prove why the video […]

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What Happens When You Microwave Boxed Wine?

Tweet When I was younger, my mother warned me about putting metal in a microwave. These guys put a large box of wine in their microwave and blew a hole in the wall of their kitchen. Some people would argue that this is the best possible solution for the problem of boxed wine.

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A Wine Portrait Frozen in Time. Don’t Try This At Home.

Tweet Wine freezes at about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. But what can you do with the wine once it’s frozen? Well, make a piece of art of course! This took the artist 7 hours to put together and 1 hour to fall apart, and why he felt compelled to drink the stuff at the end is […]

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What Wine Goes Best With Snow?

Tweet I’ve just returned from the village shop carrying a bag of coal on my shoulder and a bottle of Shiraz under my arm. Shoreham is covered in snow. And it looks simply stunning. Now that I’m home and the fire is starting to roar I really fancy some  ice cream. Cold and snow do […]

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How to Make A Chandelier out of Wine Glasses

Tweet My wife is looking for a lampshade for the bedroom in our new cottage. I said to her “Forget the lampshade luv, lets get ourselves a wine glass chandelier by John Harrington.” There’s a choice of a 150 glass chandelier or a 300 glass one. We’ve a small cottage so I think…no hang on, […]

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Some Wines Taste Like Paint Stripper and Some Just Look Like Paint

Tweet With a baby on the way, the wife and I have just had our flat re-decorated. As a result we have a bunch of empty paint cans knocking around the garden looking for a way to make themselves useful. At no stage have I thought to myself that they would make great vessels for […]

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Caption This Photo!

Tweet Impending fatherhood has got me thinking about the relationship that my offspring will have with alcohol. I’m thinking “What age should he take his first sip of Ridge Lytton Springs?”. This picture is reassuring. CAPTION IT!!!

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Dorset Councillors Reject 24hr Booze Delivery Service

Tweet News in from my home county. The BBC reports that Dorset licensing chiefs have pulled the rug from under a round-the-clock alcohol delivery service over fears about potential disorder. The budding businessmen behind the idea are a couple of likely lads named Jacob Scott and Chris Davis. Trading under the company name “After Hours” […]

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Vinious Musicas! Harry Potter Casts a Spell Over Wine Glass Muggle!

Tweet Harry Potter is about to return to the big screen again, and it’s fair to assume that we’ll get another two hours of tedium until we get to the good bit at the end where Dumbledor is killed by Snape. (SPOILER ALERT!! I’ve just spoiled it!) Anyway, I knew there had to be a […]

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This Ain't No Moonshine, This Here is Snake Wine

Tweet I’m sure we’ve all stared at the bottom of a Tequila bottle and thought “Why is there a worm in there?”. But that’s nothing compared to what United States Customs officers found when conducting a routine inspection recently. Yes, your eyes do not decieve you – this here is “snake wine”. No, it’s not […]

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