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John C. Reilly tastes Sweet Berry Wine

Tweet Academy award nominee John C. Reilly has created an absurd new character called Dr Steve Brule in a series of short videos for the AdultSwim channel. When Dr Steve decides to give wine tasting a chance, carnage ensues. WARNING! This video contains scenes of projectile vomiting.

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Corn Wine, Hay nanny-no, nanny ninny oh!

Tweet It’s not quite Spinal Tap but Christopher Guest, Michael Mckean and Harry Shearer ask us to consider a horrific vinous combination. Ladies and Gentlemen I present The Folksmen from A Mighty Wind with ‘Corn Wine’ and the immortal refrain: Consider the corn, Consider the wine One’s in a hurry, one takes it’s time If […]

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Thinking of becoming a winemaker? Watch this…

Tweet Ok, so this video has been knocking around for a while but it still resonates with me and is definitely worth a first or repeat view. Thinking of giving up your day job to a live of service to the vine? This video uses the extraordinary website ‘text to move’ website Xtranormal. Check it […]

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Are you watching Harry Hill?

Tweet What is it about our very human nature that revels in other peoples misfortune? This clip of a FOX News presenter conducting an interview treading grapes still has me smiling. At precisely 55 seconds our hapless interviewer pays dearly for a moment of bravado. The frankly unsettling yelps of agony are simply bizarre. As […]

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Reliving the 1980’s Part 4: Yalumba Carte D’or

Picture the ad agency meeting. It’s 1983. Australian wines have yet to make their breakthrough in the UK. Client and account Director are trying to find a way into this lucrative market through a penetrating TV campaign…

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‘Exploding Wine Box’ Revealed as a Fake

Tweet So, it turns out that the “box of wine in a microwave” is a fake. Bummer. Still at least we now get an introduction to ‘Microwave specialist’ Jory Caron, from the hit YouTube Series, “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?”. ┬áHere he displays a CSI like determination to prove why the video […]

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Ever Spilt Wine on Your Laptop and Lived to Tell the Tale?

Tweet Regular readers of this blog will recall my how utterly distraught I was last summer after accidentally spilling wine of my brand new MacBookPro. In this video, some muppet decides to deliberately pour a glass of wine AND a glass of lemonade over a laptop keyboard in order to proove that he can get […]

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What Happens When You Microwave Boxed Wine?

Tweet When I was younger, my mother warned me about putting metal in a microwave. These guys put a large box of wine in their microwave and blew a hole in the wall of their kitchen. Some people would argue that this is the best possible solution for the problem of boxed wine.

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A Wine Portrait Frozen in Time. Don’t Try This At Home.

Tweet Wine freezes at about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. But what can you do with the wine once it’s frozen? Well, make a piece of art of course! This took the artist 7 hours to put together and 1 hour to fall apart, and why he felt compelled to drink the stuff at the end is […]

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How To Use Wine to Seduce a Man

Tweet Two girls in bar. Adonis walks in and runs his hand through wavy hair. Predatory blonde approaches man leaving Plain Jane friend to sit on her own…but wait, what’s this? Plain Jane friend leaps to her feet like a gazelle and places herself in front of Wavy hair man. Plain Jane grabs a wine […]

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