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"I Was At This Conservative Party Fundraiser the Other Day…"

Tweet I recently attended a Conservative Party fundraiser. There. I’ve said it.  Just to be clear,  I will sit through a plague of Coldplay gigs before I ever vote Conservative, but when you’re under a three line whip from your mother-in-law you soon leave your political ideology hanging off the footscraper near the front door. […]

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Harvesting in the Nude, Just Watch out for the Ducks…

Tweet I’ve long despaired at the cliche sodden universe of wine brand advertising offered to us by (mainly) New World behemoth producers. The Wines are too often pimped in poorly staged lifestyle scenario’s that so few of us actually relate to (just see anything by Jacobs Creek). So, when I came across the “Au Naturel” campaign […]

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Bidding War Over Hitler's Red Wine

Tweet   An odd story from the BBC. Is it rarity value that has collectors bidding five times the expected value or is there something more sinister we should know about?! And wow, what a label   A rare bottle of Nazi wine dating back to World War II has sold for nearly £4,000 at […]

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Get Your Motor Running – Harley Davidson Themed Wines

Tweet Meet Scott and Lisa. Their mission is about “motorcycling, making wine & making a difference.” I’ll let them tell you their own story: It’s simple, really.  We love wine and we love motorcycles.   My wife & I were both born and raised in Sonoma County – 4th generation.  I have spent nearly 25 years […]

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Forget Terroir, Lets Try a Taste of Terror

Tweet An Australian winery has launched a new range of wines featuring images of Osama Bin Laden and hooded torture in Abu Ghraib. The wines are produced by the Moorilla winery in Tasmania (owned by who refers to as “millionaire gambler” David Walsh). The images are taken from political graffiti from the streets of Hobart […]

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Damien Hurst Turns to Wine for Some Comic Relief

Tweet Notorious Shark Pickler Damien Hurst has designed a brace of wine labels in support of the BBC’s charity event “Red Nose Day”. No longer old enough to be classified as an “Enfant Terrible” the infamous taxidermist has returned to his faithful “dot” for the two designs. Red nose Red Pinotage Shiraz 2008 and Red nose […]

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The Carivintas Winery 'Vicktory Dogs Collection'

Tweet Here in the UK, the Superbowl is followed only by a handful of nighthawk fanatics but for American readers here’s a truly bizarre wine story with an NFL theme (from trendhunter): If you think animal lovers have forgotten about former NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s infamous dog-fighting ring, think again. Carivintas Winery, which is in […]

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Elvis Died For Your Sins. Is this the Weirdest Wine Label Ever?

Tweet “Crazy” Central Coast winemaker Stillman Brown won the annual Syrah Shootout at the Hospice du Rhône in Paso Robles earlier this year with a wine called La Mort du Roi. So far, so what?    Well, take a look at Exhibit A (right). The bottle carries a wine label of the absurdist painting titled “Elvis […]

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Drink Youself to Oblivion, the Death Metal Way!

Tweet Drinking and health – you pays your money and you takes your choice. This week, we’re all gonna die. Heavy metals in wine could pose potential health problems to regular drinkers, claims a scientific report published today. The report, which appeared in the online journal Chemistry Central, claims that a daily 250ml glass of […]

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Would you like your Miss July 1970 Decanted Sir?

Tweet Wine labels to feature Playboy models? “Wine collectors might have a reason to rethink their cellar organization system. Regions and vintages could take a backseat to racking bottles by month—January through December—because Playboy Enterprises is dipping its toes into the wine market. Now, if they only offered a wine collection that used text from […]

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