Georgia in dispute with US over Stalin’s Favourite Wine

Uncle Joe Stalin liked the wine called Khvanchkara so much that he is reported to have served it to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at the World War II summit in Yalta in 1945. Now, 66 years later, Georgia is at war with the United States in a battle to win back the trademark for […]

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Matt Damon refused wine at his local store

In this bizarre story, Matt Damon tells how his local store in New York refused to sell him a case of wine as a result of a dodgy credit card. Nice to know that the rich and famous also have issues with banks. What he doesn’t mention is the name of the $100 a bottle […]

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It’s wine Jim, but not as we know it…

There is a certain amount of hullaballo when it come to the insatiable appetite of the Chinese wine drinker. But amid all the opportunity in the fastest growing market in the world comes a stark warning about the threat of fake wine. The founder of Hong Kong’s Independent Wine Centre went public this week with […]

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Schoolgirl gets an A-Grade for hangover-free wine

The science is in. An Australian schoolgirl from Queensland has won a top science award for making a hangover-free wine. Alix Pichon spent her lunch times mashing and straining peaches at Trinity Anglican School in Cairns and ended up with 12 buckets full of peach wine. At 17, Miss Pichon has been unable to legally […]

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Oh my! Did that just happen?

Man stacks shelves with wine. Shelves collapse. Result? No wine. A truly horrifying video of a moment of vinous disaster. Crash, bang, wallop. Poor, poor man!

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Tim Atkin weighs in on the Government wine cellar

Labour MP Tom Watson is at it again. The MP is on a one man mission to get access to the government wine cellar and pour its contents into the Thames. Carry on comrade! In this clip Master of Wine Tim ‘He-Man’ Atkin gives a brutal lowdown on the collection to the lovely Anita ‘lovely’ […]

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Qantas wins ‘best cellar in the sky’ acolade

WineOfTheWeek has found itself up in the air recently. Over the past couple of months, the day job has required various trips to European cities. Those who have shared this experience will know there is nothing glamorous about the 5.30am flight out of Heathrow and midnight return into Gatwick (find your own way home mate). […]

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AOL buys WineOfTheWeek for undisclosed sum

After months of negotiation, US Internet firm AOL has agreed to buyout WineOfTheWeek. Details of the deal have yet to be revealed but insiders have confirmed that the price is likely to be equivalent to a bag of chips and some cheap chardonnay. WineOfTheWeek was set up in 2008 by Gavin Williams and is considered […]

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Wine drinkers of the web, I need your help…

Dear wine drinkers, WineOfTheWeek has been in vinous purgatory since January 1st 2011. Motivated by delusional hopes of weight loss and heightened intellectual prowess, we have existed for 33 days without a single drop of alcohol. Yes, dear friends, you hear me correctly. I’ve been ‘off the booze’. I have now realised the foolishness of […]

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Super wine

The average drinker may find a glass of vino relaxing and finds that it slows things down to a mellow pace, but this isn’t the case for your average bit of superconducting material. Scientists experimenting with immersing superconductors in liquids to see how this affects their superconductivity started their trials with water and ethanol and […]

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German winemaker uncovers World War Two wine stash

A German vintner has uncovered a hidden cache 500 bottles of  wine untouched since 1945. Andreas Neymeyer discovered the bottles shortly before Christmas while clearing out a burned-out building on his 38 hectare vineyard in southern Germany. Neymeyer told Reuters: It was my uncle’s idea, I was preparing the building to be torn down and he […]

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Indiana Jones and the Lost Wine of Armenia

Archaeologists have discovered what they believe to be the earliest evidence of wine making yet to be recorded. In a cave. In Armenia. The National Geographic Society say that the find of fermentation jars and a wine press represents the earliest example of complete wine production, at roughly 6000 years old. The winery was uncovered […]

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The science is in: Wine is stronger than Lager

Procrastination is considered by some to be the enemy of productivity. However, combine procrastination with the flabbiness of the Internet and suddenly you have the tools to answer questions that you’d never before thought of asking. Wineoftheweek is currently in a heightened state of procrastination and we were therefore chuffed when someone sent us a […]

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Lady Gaga's boozy threesome with Robert Mondavi and Kendall Jackson

Lady Gaga’s boozy threesome with Robert Mondavi and Kendall Jackson

Amid the Lady Gaga maelstrom of publicity that hit Ireland recently, news of the singer’s wine preferences received barely a footnote in the mainstream media. WineOfTheWeek is here to correct this oversight with the exclusive revelation that Miss Gaga has a taste for Kendall Jackson and Robert Mondavi. A ‘mole’ at the O2 Arena in […]

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The Drunk Cartoon: An exhibition of alcohol and social satire

The Cartoon Museum in London is putting on an exhibition of drawings portraying drunks and drinking. In this clip from BBC’s Today programme, David Yelland (former editor of The Sun) and cartoonist Brian Sibley discuss satire and social problems. WineOfTheWeek shall be visiting the exhibition this Thursday. Here’s the description from the Cartoon Museum’s website: […]

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It’s Beaujolais Nouveau the Fox Providence way!

Dress a man in a beret. Put him in front of a camera and roll out as many cliches as possible. Yes, folks it’s Beaujolais Nouveau time again! Actually (whisper it) we think this feature is rather good.

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Bottle of wine sells for $304,375 at Christies. Gulp!

We live in crazy times. We really do. Forget the age of austerity, Forget the imminent collapse of western free market democracy. We live in a world where someone is prepared to pay $304,375 for a bottle of wine. If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage this month please look away now. The 1947 vintage […]

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Police seize hoard of drugs hidden in wine bottles

An international drugs trafficking ring that hid cannabis is bottles of wine has been rumbled by the authorities. A ‘joint’ operation involving Europol, Danish Forces and Guardia Civil arrested a 7 people and seized 270 kilo’s of hash in Marbella, Mijas and several locations in Denmark. The operation began in August when Danish police noticed […]

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Lebanese create the worlds biggest wine glass. No one knows why.

The Lebanese clearly have time on their hands. Answers on a postcard please.

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Fight!! Tonight Only! Naked Wines vs FindWine

Two of Britain’s newest wine retailers go head to head tonight in a dramatic ‘Clash of the wine tiddlers’ taste-off. Naked Wines and FindWine are the digital darlings of the UK wine scene and they’ve decided to hold a taste-off in a bid to find out which of their respective business models delivers the best […]

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