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Camel trail leads to Cornish Valley Vineyard

Wineoftheweek finds itself on holiday in Cornwall this week and we’ve taken the opportunity to introduce Wineoftheweek Junior to his first vineyard. The little man is a mere 6 months old but he’s already showing signs of a sophisticated palette. In fact, only this morning he devoured a combination of banana and camomile with real […]

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Scientists prove that champagne should be poured like beer

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Since dissolved CO2 is known to be of great importance in champagne and sparkling wine tasting, would not it be pertinent to revisit the way champagne should be served?” No? Well if your Dr Liger-Belair and colleagues you’ve been thinking of nothing else recently. To such an extent […]

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iPhone App delivers Veuve Clicquot via GPS. Say What?

WineOfTheWeek has been slurping on about the lack of innovation in the SmartPhone sector when it comes to wine brands for some time now. Just as we were planning on opening up the iPhone SDK to create our own Frankenwine’s monster, along comes this super concept from Veuve Clicquot. The idea is simple. If you […]

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Fizz and Chips? Krug offers a different kind of meal deal

Champagne house Krug has teamed up with a gourmet London pub to offer the magnificent combination of Champagne and Fish & Chips. I was first introduced to the phenomenon of Fizz and Chips when I worked at The Wine Society. Invited to an impromptu lunch with the Society’s wine buyers I was taken aback to […]

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What Wine Goes Best With Snow?

I’ve just returned from the village shop carrying a bag of coal on my shoulder and a bottle of Shiraz under my arm. Shoreham is covered in snow. And it looks simply stunning. Now that I’m home and the fire is starting to roar I really fancy some  ice cream. Cold and snow do that […]

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Reliving the 1980’s Part 3: Veuve Du Vernay 1989

Bloke is running to catch his train. He makes it to the train, just in time. He sits opposite a Hitchcockian Blonde. Train conductor asks for his ticket, but wait, bloke can’t find his ticket. He panics. Blonde nods towards Bloke’s penguin classic, now resting on the table. Bloke looks befuddled. Blonde nods again. Eureka! […]

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Me and Orson Welles – By Paul Masson. Hic.

The recent UK release of the movie ‘Me and Orson Welles’ provides WOTW with the perfect excuse to post the infamous drunken out-takes from Orson’s ill-fated promotion of Paul Masson Champagne. Watch as the world famous director, actor, writer and impresario struggles to keep hold of both his words and his champagne flute. And then […]

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Claudia Schiffers Breast Identified as the Ideal Vessel for Champagne

Dom Pérignon have paid “tribute” to Claudia Schiffer’s bosom in the form of a breast shaped bowl. Yes, folks, the “boob-bowl” is the latest creation by German designer Karl Lagerfeld and apparently it’s supposed to be a modern version of the bowl from a dining service made especially for Queen Marie Antoinette back in 1787. […]

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Top 5 Best Wine Moments in Film and not a hint of Liver or Chianti

I was flicking through the channels the other night and stumbled across Silence of the Lambs just as Sir Anphoney Ham-it-up-kins was doing his “ate his liver with some fava beans and a glass of Chianti” speech. It got me thinking. What are the best wine references in film? So, here’s my Top Five – […]

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