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DrinkOware: Fake Shardonnay from Austrlia. Hic.

When WineOfTheWeek lived in Camden Town, only desperation would lead me to buy wine from the local Costcutter. During the summer months a lack of air-conditioning would see bottles leaping off the shelves with sheer heat exhaustion – ‘Wine dies in Hot Shops’, So it comes as little surprise to learn that the aforementioned ‘supermarket’ […]

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Fake Jacobs Creek: Could you spot the difference?

Staying with the communist block, we follow up our recent story of the Chinese being duped by fake wines, to the Chinese doing the duping. The Sunday Mail, never one to miss the dastardly deeds of J. Foreigner, reports on fake Chinese bottles of Jacob’s Creek lining the shelves of Britain’s off-licences, selling at the […]

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Jacobs Creek Confirm Why We Shouldn't be Drinking Their Wine

An example of one of those depressing articles that you occasionally read in the Wine Press. ¬†Read and weep as JC’s lazy marketeers deliver phrases such as “We are excited about this opportunity to engage with our target audience…blah, blah blah”.¬† The JC marketing guys really are the Spinal Tap of Wine, but at least […]

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