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Gordon Ramsey speaks out over £250,000 wine cellar

Tweet Gordon Ramsey today issued a statement explaining his controversial £250,000 wine cellar. The celebrity chef  is having the cellar installed in his £2.8million seven-bedroom West London home. Here is the statement in full: F*** Off. Gordon Ramsay is a cock. Sorry, a ‘cook’.

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Twitter launches wine, yours to drink in 140 sips

Tweet Twitter co-founder Biz Stone  recently  announced that they are ready to sell their first wines. The Twitter wine venture began last year with a tie up with wine maker Crushpad and the the non-profit Room to Read. The idea is to sell the wine in order to promote education and literacy under the name […]

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Close Encounters with Musical Wine Glasses

Tweet This isn’t the first time that WineOfTheWeek has featured the bizarre art-form that is musical wine glasses and we can’t promise it will be the last! The video features Dutch artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug and was performed after just eight weeks of practice. Utterly bizarre thing to do. But also utterly bewitching.

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One Caterpillars mission to drink red wine

Tweet An animated caterpillar is on a mission to scale a wine glass. Go on little man! You can do it! Funny Short 3D Animation – Caterpillar & Glass Of Wine Uploaded by BettyReese. – Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms.

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Tesco introduce The Zork to sparkling wine

Tweet Zork was one of the first interactive fiction computer games. Set in a sprawling underground labyrinth the user controlled a nameless adventurer whose goal was to find treasures hidden in caves. Zork is also the name of a resealable top for sparkling wines and Tesco have just announced that they will be adopting the […]

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Starbucks to serve wine?

Tweet CNN are reporting that Starbucks is to start serving wine at one of of its “learning lab” locations in Seattle. In a brief statement announcing the reopening of the store, Starbucks said it is offering wine and beer, as well as an “expanded food menu,” at the location. The statement didn’t provide any details […]

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Why David Cameron’s Big Society does not include wine

Tweet David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ seems to depend on the willingness of volunteers to give up their free time in order to apply their skills for the public good. As the Coalition government lit the ‘bonfire of the quangos’ last week, much media scorn was directed towards the ‘Foreign Office’s Government Hospitality Advisory Committee on […]

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Hugh Johnson’s iPhone app reviewed

Tweet Hugh Johnson is one of the wine worlds cuddly creatures. He may not be seen too much in the media these days, but he still delivers his hugely successful ‘Pocket Guide to Wine’ each and every year. The ever popular paper version of the Pocket Guide now finds itself reformatted for the iPhone and […]

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A useless date with wine

Tweet This week’s pointless wine gadget comes from the website ‘Le Moutin Noir & Co’. It’s a wine bottle stopper with twistable date rings that allows you to keep a track of when you’ve opened your wine. We have a major issue with this. Firstly how bloody long are you expecting to keep an uncorked […]

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Kathy Lee Gifford drinks wine out of her bra

Tweet An old one but without doubt one of the best. Kathy Lee Gifford performs an extraordinary demonstration of possibly the most bizarre product of all time – a bra that doubles as wine storage. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you “The Wine Rack”. Kathie Lee Gifford Tries “The Wine Rack” – watch more funny […]

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